Atmosphere Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers Laboratory  LOA-SL

  • Complex laser ablation installations and tools for obtaining thin layers in various experimental conditions regarding the working gas atmosphere, temperature, geometry, etc.
  • Unique experimental installations in the country of characterization of the laser ablation plasma in real time by the spatio-temporal solving of the laser ablation transitory plasma. Characterization and sampling of plasma structures at a time level of 2 ns and spatial width of up to 0.2 mm
  • High power Nd: YAG laser installations with a pulse duration of 10 ns and various wavelengths (1064 nm @ 1600 mJ, 532 nm @ 820 mJ, 355 nm @ 490 mJ, 266 nm @ 150 mJ)
  • Parametric Optical Oscillator (OPO) pumped at 355 nm that provides a range of continuous wavelengths for laser-induced fluorescence experiments in the range of 200-750 nm
  • Mechanical and optical systems for the realization of automated assemblies at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum of irradiation of various targets in different conditions and under different physico-chemical stress (optical radiation, temperature, chemical compounds and aerosols of different sizes, etc)
  • LASERS installation for remote characterization (LASER remote sensing) of some submicrometric particles and spatio-temporal analysis of the evolution in various environmental conditions through RAMAN technologies.
  • Computer platform (hardware and software) for characterization, modeling and simulation of physico-chemical processes induced by the interaction of high power pulses with different materials (thin layers, massive bodies, liquid layers, etc.)
  • Vacuum enclosures, vacuum pumps, guide elements and instruments for simulating physico-chemical processes in a controlled atmosphere
  • Lidar, sun photometer, IR and UV spectroscopy camera, CO, O3, Dust-track, etc- in situ monitors

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