Atmosphere Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers Laboratory  LOA-SL


  • DARLIOES:  FAST LASER IMAGING, DETECTION AND RANGING OF AEROSOL EMISSIONS IN AIRCRAFT PLUMES, Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) within Space Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Program (Project nr. 98/29.11.2013, Project manager S. Gurlui
  • Growth and characterization of thin shape memory films with high damping capacity through pulsed laser deposition technique. Grant PN-II-RU-PD-2011-3-0186, 2011-2013, supported by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNCS – UEFISCDI; Director Dr. Nicanor Cimpoesu, mentor S. Gurlui  
  • “Romanian Atmospheric Research 3D Observatory (RADO)”,  funded by Innovation Norway, STVES 115266/2008; 2008-2010; Coordinartor UAIC S. Gurlui  
  • “Join Physicist in Festival (My Physics, My World)”,  FP7-PEOPLE, 244978/2009, 2009; Coordinator UAIC S. Gurlui  
  • “Romanian Network of LIDAR systems”,PN II Cooperation, 31-002/2007, 2007-2010; Coordinator UAIC S. Gurlui  
  • “Identification of the physical mechanisms being at the origin of the appearance of spatial and spatio-temporal structures in plasma. Applications”, PN II ID_409, 2007-2010; Director Dan Dimitriu  
  • “Electrostatic instabilities in plasma. Control methods”, CEEX type II – Excellence research projects for young researchers, 5912/2006, ET 71, 2006-2008; Director Dan Dimitriu  
  • “Complex space charge structures in plasma. Physical models. Applications”, CEEX type II – Excellence research projects for young researchers, 1499/2006, ET 69, 2006-2008; Director Dan Dimitriu  
  • “New methods and technologies to investigate complex plasma nanostructures obtained through laser ablation. Technological applications”, CEEX type II – Excellence research projects for young researchers, 5879/2006, ET 70, 2006-2008; Director Gurlui Silviu  
  • “Development of a physical model for multiple double layers in plasma”, grant CNCSIS, 60GR/2006, AT 188, 2006-2007 ; Director Dan Dimitriu  
  • “Studies on the matter self-organization for nano-science and nano-technologies”, grant CNCSIS, 33373/2006, A 620, 2004-2006;  
  • “Development of some experimental methods to control the chaos in plasma devices”, grant CNCSIS, 33373/2004, AT 70, 2004-2005; Director Dan Dimitriu  
  • “Study of the physical processes and phenomena from plasma double layers and biological cell membranes. Analogies and applications”, grant CNCSIS, 33373/2004, AT 71, 2004-2005; Director Gurlui Silviu  
  • “Study of the self-organized structures of Turing type in plasma devices”, grant CNCSIS, 33373/2004, AT 74, 2004-2005;  
  • “Role of the collective effects in the genesis of self-organized systems”, grant CNCSIS, 35252/2001, A 292, 2001-2003;  
  • “Study of the processes and phenomena from electrical discharges (unhomogeneous) in atomic and molecular gases. Theoretical models and applications”, grant CNCSIS, 33531/2002, AT 284, 2002-2003; Director Gurlui Silviu  
  • “Study of the spatio-temporal behaviour and the evolution control of an RF plasmoid”, grant CNCSIS, 35252/2001, AT 151, 2001-2002;  
  • “Study of the fundamental processes being at the origin of some self-organized complex systems”, funded by World Bank, 28199/2000, 2000-2002;  
  • “Study of the elucidation of the processes being at the origin of the nonlinear behaviour of some self-organized structures in physics, chemistry and biology. Application: environment sensors”, grant CNCSIS, 15/1998, A 169, 1998-2000;  
  • “Study of the nonlinear behaviour of some instabilities generated in devices in which plasma is considered as collisionless”, funded by Romanian Academy, 4087/1999, 1999.  



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