Atmosphere Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers Laboratory  LOA-SL

The staff and theirs summarized scientific contribution


  1. Assoc Prof. PhD. Silviu GURLUI, the head of Atmosphere Optics, Spectroscopy and Lasers Laboratory (LOA-SL) has extensive expertise focused mainly to the optics, plasma spectroscopy, lasers and applications but also environment. He performed significant contributions to study of the quantum processes taking place in an anodic double layer of a glow discharge through optical, spectral and various electrical diagnosis methods.  (CV Silviu Octavian Gurlui); Researcher ID,   
  2. Assoc Prof. PhD. Dan-Gheorghe DIMITRIU,  is memeber of Complex System Group and associated at LOA-LS, specialized in: Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Time series processing, Spectroscopy. He is member of European Physical Society, American Physical Society, IEEE and European Complex Systems Society (CV Dan-Gheorghe Dimitriu ) Researcher ID  
  3. Prof. PhD. Mitachi STRAT graduated the Faculty of Physics, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi (1958 - 1963). PhD „Environmental influence on the electronic spectra of absorption and emission of polyatomic molecules. (State University of Minsk, 1970-1973). Competencies: spectroscopy, lasers, polymers and plasma physics, environment. (CV Mitachi STRAT)      
  4. Prof. PhD. Maricel AGOP, associated at LOA-LS. He is recognized specialist in nonlinear dynamics and chaos – theoretical fundaments and  performs theoretical modeling of various physical phenomena, including electrical discharge and laser ablation plasma processes. Researcher ID (publications)    
  5. PhD.  Marius Mihai CAZACU, postdoc, Researcher IDis a physicist engineer. He graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University - Iasi, Faculty of Physics, physics engineering specialization in 2005. In June 2011 obtained his PhD with the thesis title: "Contributions to the implementation of the first national LIDAR network for atmospheric aerosols optical characterization".  (CV  Marius Mihai Cazacu PhD. Thesis    
  6. PhD. Georgiana DASCALU is a research assistant in our group from 2013, graduated Faculty of Physics “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi (Technological Physics) in 2009 and in 2012 obtained her PhD in Physics (ferimagnetic thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition). Competences: ferromagnetic materials, magnetoelectric composites; structural, chemical and magnetic investigations of cobalt ferrite thin films undoped and doped with rare earth elements, chalcogenide thin films, pulsed laser deposition, optical emission spectroscopy.  (CV Dascalu Georgiana; PhD Thesis)    
  7. PhD. Adrian TIMOFTE, postdoc,  is specialized as Meteorologist (Forecaster). He graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University - Iasi, Faculty of Physics, physics specialization in 2002. He has a Master degree from the same university and faculty. In  2012 he obtained the PhD in Physics  with the thesis title: "Contributions to the study of some instability in fluids, using nonlinear dynamics". Experience in: Meteorology, Interpreting Doppler Radar WSR-98 D images, Interpreting satellite images, Analysis and interpretation of baric topography, Analysis and interpretation of NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction), Control and logical validation of meteorological data from the meteorological network (CV Adrian Timofte)     

  1. Stefan Andrei Irimiciuc graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University - Iasi, Faculty of Physics, physics specialization in 2012. He obtained his  a Master degree in July 2014 on “Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology” at the same University. He has started his PhD. in October 2014 with the thesis title: "Experimental and theoretical studies on the dynamics of plasma plumes generated by laser ablation in various temporal regimes". He published as author or co-author 11 works in scientific publications, 5 being ISI indexed. Experience in: Plasma physics and Plasma diagnostics, Chaos control, Chaotic systems, Complex plasma structure. (CV_Stefan_Irimiciuc) 
  2. Oana Rusu graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University - Iasi, Faculty of Physics and  has started the PhD. in October 2014 with the thesis title: "Contributii la dezvoltarea unor tehnici cu aplicatii in monitorizarea si analiza compozitiei troposferei".(CV_Oana_Rusu) 
  3. Bogdan Albina graduated „Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Faculty of Physics, specialization Computational physics in 2013 with the BSc thesis „Mass spectrometry and applications” and MSc thesis in Physics and environmental protection, „Aerosols optical properties. Software implementation”. Some of his other interests are data processing and infrared imaging used in atmospheric investigations".  He started his PhD in October 2015 with the thesis title: "Contributions in developing new IR and UV imaging tehniques for modelling the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants". (CV_Bogdan_Albina) 
  4. Alexandru Cocean graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University -Iasi, Faculty of Physics, specialization Computational Physics in 2013 with BSc thesis "Analysis of Particles Systems in Interaction". He obtained a Master degree in July 2015 with the dissertation thesis "Laser Ablation in Non-Homogenous Enviroments. Technological Applications". He has started the PhD in October 2015 with the thesis title: "The Study of Functional Materials for Advanced Applications". Other of his fields of interest are laser propulsion and Comsol Multiphysics.
  5. Laura Hrostea, is a BSc student in medical physics at Faculty of Physics, „Al.I. Cuza” University of Iasi. She participated at a training stage in France on  thin films used in organic solar cells and is currently working for the bachelor thesis with the title , as well as participating in various research activities taking place within the LOA-SL laboratory. (CV Laura Hrostea) 
  6. Iftime Mădălina, Medical Physics. Main research field: Physical and chemical characteristics of mineral micro-sized particles and theirs health relevance (CV IftimieMadalina)   
  7. Francisca Husanu, Medical Physics. Main research field: studies on the dynamics of plasma plumes generated by laser ablation.(CV_Francisca_Husanu)
  8. Bianca Hodoroaba is a student in the undergraduate programme of Medical Physics at the Faculty of Physics, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University.  The main focus of her bachelor thesis is the fundamental investigation of laser-matter interaction in a aqueous media for the production of nanoparticles for bio-medical usage. She participated at several national and international conferences, where she presented results of her work in the laser-matter interaction field. Also, she was the beneficiary of an internship at the University of Lille 1, France. Besides being thoroughly involved in the academic activities, she is a student representative in the Faculty of Physics Council and is actively present at every activity that is related to the LOA-SL laboratory and to the faculty. 

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