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Researchers' Night take place on September 25 began to UAIC at 16:00 in the amphitheatre Mihael Kogalniceanu. A total of over 200 children’s (average age 12), 30 students, 30 researchers, and 40 teachers participated in the actions in the event program. The action started by also an interview with radio station in Iasi (, interview broadcast in the issue of news at 16:00. The first part of this event wasdedicated to meeting with leading figures from research Iasi with presenting and discussing current issues of importance to society, results and prospects of research within the Faculty of Physics, Al I Cuza University of Iasi. It was also organized an celebration ceremony to award of and prizes for two competitions:
a competition for "Best Poster" and the PHOTO CONTEST on "PHYSICS IN PICTURES".

In the frame of this action there have been visits to key laboratories of physics Al I Cuza University of Iasi, where the general public and the media have sought "the live" spectaculose different physical experiments. There was thus viewed Laboratory plasma physics, optics, Spectroscopy, Solid Physics, Electricity, Molecular Physics. Another attraction, especially appreciated by public was the planetarium visit and corresponding lectures offered by UAIC specialists.

The section Cinema show was also very well appreciated of the general public. The sequences were exposed audio video presentation of Al I Cuza University in Iasi, Department of Physics, experiments, conferences, international collaborations and important results of Iasi life scientists.

At the UAIC Researchers’ Night action were a media audience extremely high: the same day Friday were granted 3 interviews / shows at Radio Iasi, a direct intervention on Radio Romania Cultural and another interview tonight at TVR Iasi (who shot experiments alive in laboratory plasma physics and planetarium Univ.), TVR 3, etc.

Some imported data:

The action Researchers' Night has been preceded by a series of articles and reports published editorials in local and national media (newspapers, magazines, Radio Iasi, Radio Romania Cultural TVR3, Television TV LIFE Iasi, Press Release, etc.).Capture the following few examples of this kind:

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